Vic's Sketchbook and WIPS 2020

Hi Everyone!
As my first post here would like to introduce myself.
My name is Victor Garcia, discovered Zbrush few years ago, now I am trying to get back at it and be able to create sculptures that can tell a story on its own

I don’t have a proper background on arts, so bear with me as I learn human anatomy and Zbrush at the same time.

One of my goals is to do one speedsculpt every day to practice anatomy (lets see how that goes)

I’ll be dropping here all My Work in progress projects and measure my progress at the end of the year
I appreciate any feedback and tips

A project I am currently working on WIP

Speed sculpt from 2 months ago

A wolverine torso I made this year

A DND Beholder I made over the weekend, 5 hours 20 minutes of work

Yesterday speedsculpt study of human skull

And tonight’s Speedsculpt head study

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Zbrushing!

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Quick eye study, because as you noticed on the previous speed sculpts, I struggle making eyes.

Current progress on this Kaiju, adding some details, next steps painting, posing and rendering.

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Great work! I like how your Kaiju is turning out :slight_smile:

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Decided to do another head practice, I think now the way I sculpt eyes has improved after my previous Eye study.
Also took some time to practice some hair

There is still a long way ahead, need to practice more

Thanks for the support!
Face and hair practice2

I’ll work again on my Kaiju :dragon_face: over the weekend and publish a new update :sparkling_heart:

Made some more progress on my Kaiju

I have spent a lot of time on this project, so my next step would be just working on taking nice renders before moving into another project, but here are some renders I took today after painting and posing it
7 hours of work from the previous images I shared here

Learned how to use Zbrush transpose master and used the rigging system

Hope you like it guys

Happy Zbrushing!

Another face practice

Welcome to the community. I’ll be watching your posts. You’re making great progress.

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Thanks for the support!

Today I started a new project, I’ll try to Make Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the shell


I have been playing Dwarf Fortress for a few days and it got me into the mood to sculpt this Dwarf.

Hope you like it

Here a few renders, I was also trying to create a new material and playing with the lights


As always, tips, tricks and any feedback is welcome :sparkling_heart:

That’s all for tonight
Happy Zbrushing!

Progress on this from today’s stream