VHS (Veronica Heather Shields)

Here is a character I created during the 2021 beta. Had a lot of fun using the Dynamics to generate some crazy stuff.

For this model I started experimenting with some curly hair (which worked really well!) From there I ended up seeing ‘VHS tape’ in the design. I then used the ZModeler brush along with live booleans to make the VHS cassette cases. Then used the dynamics to manipulate the tape to make it look ‘magical.’

The retro super hero Veronica Heather Shields was born from this madness; her power is wielding VHS tapes to attack her foes :slight_smile:



Love this one, some times I miss VHSs, you really had to take care of them. Really cool look Joseph.

After spending so much time with Gaboury, no wonder you’re tuning into a 80’s geek. You go Drust, Go!!! :wink:

Oh man … death by vhs tape… there’s a limit to gruesomeness - are you sure you’re okay Joseph … … ? :scream: :grin: :sunglasses: :star: :+1:

Awesome ! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Lovely :heart_eyes:

the patterns on the legs caught my eye - great job Joseph!

Cool design! I love all the layers.

Thanks all!

@Jaime Yeah this is why Paul and I get along hah; always 80’s all the time :slight_smile: