Very poor performance tumbling/zooming around on new MacBook maxpro


Ive just got one of the new MacBook Pro max and am pretty surprised at the poor performance I’m experiencing whilst tumbling and zooming around my models :frowning: . The poly count isn’t much more than 200k wither, with nothing really heavy going on. No layers, dynamic subdiv etc…

Everything’s fine when I’m actually sculpting, but as soon as I start trying to rotate the camera it grinds to chuggy halt before working again. What’s also odd is that it doesn’t constantly happen - it almost builds up over time, will become real ychuggy and then go back to normal for a bit.

Is this is a known issue? - Has anybody else experienced similar issues?

thanks for any help

Hi @nickholl ,

We would need much more information to begin troubleshooting your problem.

Please contact ZBrush support for technical issues with your ZBrush installation. We can’t support you over the community forums as this involves the exchange of sensitive information, and other users aren’t going to be able to help you with system specific issues.

Thank you!