Vertex colour broken in latest updates

It seems that with the update on exporting fbx throught export instead of the plugin has created a huge issue for me and I guess many others that use this function to.

Vertex colours come into programs like c4d differently then the smooth way they did before. It seems the first noticeable thing is that instead of point order it changes then to polygon point order. The whole thing just doesn’t work now and the old zbrush did a great job. Can we get this fixed I’m losing my ability to quickly paint stuff for renders here which is huge for me with my work.

Its truly frustrating that software updates these days tend to have drawbacks like this, I didn’t quite get the feeling I would ever get a drawback from zbrush as it’s super top quality but here it is haha.

Hope there’s a solution as I’ve tried everything I could on Google search. Thanks zbrush team!


The representation of polypaint (vertex color) in FBX exported from ZBrush was changed because the previous method was not supported by 3ds Max. Maya, for example, supports both methods, so changing was not seen to be a problem. However, from what you are saying, clearly an option would be a good idea, so we’ll look into this possibility.


In the export button at the top of the tool menu you should be able to export .fbx with vertex paint / vertex color

press save

in the options select visible
select FBX 2019