Been playing around with dynameshing as a starting point for sculpting, and I like it a lot so far. Here is my latest attempt, Marvel’s character Venom based heavily on Joe Madureira’s design. Had a bit of issue with the anatomy, so any feedback on that will be great. Thanks.



i’m not nearly qualified to comment on anatomical accuracy but i think the seperation in the chest muscle might be a little severe and where the back of the tricept connects to the torso could use work although thats where there is a seperation in subtools so that might be it

Yeah, the chest definition is a bit much, I agree. Will reduce. And that is where the subtools meet for the triceps. I can pull it out a bit though to adjust properly. Thanks.

Lovely take on the Venom sakar82… Not to sound like a broken record, but i agree with robert, the chest crevice cutting across just throws it off a lil for me too.BUTT on the flipside, I know a lot of people want to focus on anatomy correctness(and one should). But lets keep in mind he is a alien symbiote that can pretty much change at will, weather the host human anatomy wants to agree or not :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

Very cool! Love the definition and proportions!

awesome sculpt man i love venom! I definitely think that the chest needs to pop out a little more other than that I think it looks great

Thanks for the replies. Will revise chest and hopefully get some more sculpting in. Thanks!!

Updated the chest and proportions a bit. Also, played around with the light cap to try and get a latex-y look.



Did a whole revise of the sculpt




looks much better!
not sure about the toes…I don’t remember if he has toes when Joe was drawing him…eh

Thanks. And yeah, Madureira gave him clawed feet in his illustrations.

This is badass! Venom is one of my favourite characters and this one is great. Can’t wait to see it finished.
What is your material?


Thank you. And yeah, Eddie Brock/Venom is easily one of my fav’s from Marvel. The material is just the basic matcap, but I played with the lightcap for the shiny look.

Quick update. These are just mock ups before moving onto final sculpt. Need to retopo, then finalize. Anyways, wanted to share what I had so far

nice man these came out great! i really like the non-glossy look you did with the first image in your last post!

if this was a statue, just standing in this pose even, i would buy one.

You could use that same character as a starting point for “The Pitt”, from Image Comics.



haha that’s very cool to say, thanks.

Here is another version of Venom I’m working on, the soldier one in female form:


AH! I did the Flash Thompson Venom for Heroclix!




haha That’s great. Pretty cool model. Yeah, this design was just stuck in my head. I had to get it out creatively somehow