Well i did this fella some months ago, but as we are now so near to the release of the spiderman 3 movie i decided to post it here too.

I used 3dsmax for the base mesh, zbrush for sculpting almost everything, and photoshop for texturing, mentalray for rendering it back in 3dsmax.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Also there is a rig test i did that made a complete joke you can see at you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P40U07CM2VY
but dont take it seriously i just throwed a mocap there to see if the extreme poses was breaking the skin in any part.

This animation is a test for a more complex scene i am planning to finish as soon as i get some free time. http://www.animation.art.br/animation/venom.htm


That looks very good, the foot and ankle seem neglected to me. :slight_smile:

Hey Harmonic, you are totally right, and as some of my friends said to me idecided to crop this image so the best part of the work could be seen.

I was intended to finish some areas such as the feet but so many other projects came after that i never had the time to go back and finish it, thanks for the crit.

Thanks for my new wallpaper in windows…awesome:+1:

Now that my friend is excellent. Been a Spider-man fan since the 60’s.

lol that would be a sweet wallpaper.

very cool great job =)

Thank you guys, just posted the link to the test animation i have done.
Hope you enjoy looking at him move, at least a little.


Hey AndreHolzmeister, good call with the crop that really helps. I just wached the anamation test on youtube, really funny:laughing: :laughing: , looks pretty darn good for a joke!:+1:

So Venom shows up drunk wanting to party, and everybody runs away. its ok he can dance by hinselfs haha:lol:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Best venom I have seen yet. Not wild about his emblem on his chest though. But this is top row material.

What dreams are made of,totally kickass animation!:+1: :+1:

Nothing less than 5 stars from me too…
I was amazed when i first saw this guy on your website, and I can’t really remember many times that someone worked on a known character and presented him BETTER than the original…
I am curious to compare yours with the movie venom now :smiley:

P.S Judging by this Venom and the Colossus you made i think you should start a new section in your website with your own definition of marvel characters. I bet such section would have many fans.
(i know i am…)

Womball - thak you man, i am glad you liked, about the emblem i would say i am a huge fan of the original one, i even tryed to replicate it but it was turning out too much infantile in my opinion, it was breaking the frightining, and the reality i was intended to pass. So i decided to go with an emplem that looks like the one from his movie costume, as if the symbiont was trying to replicate it…

Calum, thak you man, there is stull some problems there like when the right hand touches the railing of the building, ther eis a pop there in the animation. I will fix it when i made the other shots.

Stage_GR - I am really flattered by your comment. Thank you very much. But i was inspired by the first desings of Venom, from Todd Mcfarlane, and i still think hi makes him better than mine! Todd rocks.

great work, as i already told you , this venom is awesome :smiley: the video is really funny

totally fabulous venom :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

yeah, um i think this one is better than the one they used in the film. :smiley:

hehe, nice rig test

and very good modeling :+1:

Best deformation test I’ve seen in ages. Great work and modeling friend.


:+1: :+1: :+1: You have brought my favorite super villian to life in an astounding way. Love it, thats all i can say. absolutly F-ing love it. I bet This one is better then the one they are going to use in the movie. You get a thumbs up from me, myself, and I.