Vendel era Helmet - Real Time

Vendel era Helmet - Real Time

Hi people! This is an art test I’ve done for Digital Coalition. Regardless the final result I’m very proud of it and I wanted to share it with you.
For the details on the helmed I used some images from Pinterest and I followed a magnificent guide by Yuriy Porubov on how to create amazing engravings in Zbrush. I really liked the final result of the engravings so i’ll use this technique in the future


ArtTest_DC_SergiViladesau sdfd


Beautifully crafted! Thanks for sharing. What epoch did you base you inspiration from?

That came out really great! Nice texturing on the finished piece :+1:

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Hi, so the helmet is from an era called Vendel era. I think it is just before the vikings.

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Really nice work on the engravings! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

fancy! :slight_smile: