So I was thinking… In Jurassic park, at the beginning of the movie, they said in the presentation that they used the DNA of a Frog to reconstitute the DNA of a dinosaur… So I was thinking, what could be the result if they fail doing it :smiley:
So here is my result on the experience : “I spared no expense”


Really cool sculpt and genetic mix-up - love the attitude of these feisty fellows :+1:

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Hey dude!! thank you very much, i’m glad you liked those :wink: cheers @boozy_floozie


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Ahahah :smiley:

Hahaha…excellent Mickael :rofl:

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Merci Jaime ^^ ! much appreciated!
I can’t wait to try the new features of the polypaint ! :smiley:

Outstanding, having fan sculpted Dart from Stranger Things myself i can see you took some inspiration from it, or from tadpoles and frogs, i don´t know, but reminded me to Dart

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Thank you @mirrored! I can see the likeness but yeah I mostly took Frog references :wink:

This is absolutely wonderful. I love teh attitude :smiley:

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Much appreciated @Carsten_Lind! Thank you :wink:

congrats mikael bro :wave::wave::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: very well deserved

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Hey @vahidahmadizb2016! thank you my friend :smiley: much appreciated ^^