Vampire Princess

This is the tutorial I prepared for the magazine 3D Artist last year. It was made in haste and therefore left with many regrettable places. One year later, I finally have time to improve it.

Modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Arnold.

Hope you like it!
Vampire Princess_l.jpgVampire Princess2.jpga2_l.jpg


Vampire Princess_l.jpg


I really like it. It has a very gothic mood to it. Would you mind explaining something about your Arnold Render Settings and lighting setup?

TR bound for sure. Nice job all the way around.

very nice piece.

I posted a picture showing how I arranged the lights and their intensity. I hope this would be helpful to you. This is my principle of lighting: lights are arranged to set off the main features. Invariably, I will adjust light arrangement in the production process until I’m satisfied. When you have time, you can get some good posters to train yourself on how to arrange the lights.
Regarding rendering, you can read that number of the magazine. It should have been published on the magazine in August to September last year.