V-Ray skin setup

There is been a lot questions on this forum on V-ray sss2 shader especially last few days with appearance of few amazingly realistic human skin renders. After few hour of researching i found my own setings that works for me and i am here to share it with you. Sorry for such disgusting character subject but this bust is all i have at the time for testing this kind of skin. I did not have enough time to finish it so it is still a WIP.
Scale is one of important issues so i am sharing max scene file to so you can align your character head to the size of sphere inside scene.

For those looking for Modo 401 skin solution check out HERE.
And for Mental Ray users check out my full tutorial HERE



Thanks a lot man! the render looks grrreat!:+1:.

mh, your settings are confusing me. because you set the diffuse map to 100% and this disabled the scatter effect completely…ah okay…I just saw the diffuse amount… okay that works.
but did you try to use the diffuse map as diffuse-amount map aswell?

Awesome mug. Cool.:+1: :+1: :+1:

Glad to see some one sharing some settings. Can’t wait to get in front of my machine to try out the file.

You legend!

What a cool thing to do! thanks for this!

Nice :+1:, it’s THE Vray 1.5 SP4 ? :bulb:

Excellent character,

Does the Maya version of Vray have all these options and is their a rendering anyone can point me to so I could see for myself.

There is one more thing i forgot to mention, it is exposure control.
I am not so experienced with v-ray so i used Logharitmic exposure control with these settings:



wow thanks man awesome skin shader.

Thanks a lot man!


god bless you

Man, this is awesome. Thanks a lot;

cool, I will try new shader some time. What version of vray is this one btw?

It’s V-Ray 1.5 Sp4.

When opening the file all the render settings are absent.
Did you use GI at all?

File is there to give you easy way to set scale there is no special render setting and no GI

HI. I really like your model . not only the shader and rendering . the design is also great . GJ . and Learn a lot about the vray setting about skin shader .Thank you for your post .

Using VRay have you found a reliable method for displacement from ZB?

I have had mixed results - using one method that worked perfectly for one model does not work at all for another in my tests so far.