UVMaster PlusPlus *unofficial*

Seeking beta testers for a Zplugin that extends UVMASTER’s current capabilities by allowing textures to be transferred without large polycounts (no polypaint needed )through distance approximation and barycentric coordinates . If I’m reinventing the wheel please do let me know also as I’ve often needed this feature and have resulted to building out of necessity.

beta group here


Hello. I have an off topic question if that’s ok. Please ignore otherwise.

I was wondering if there is a special API access required to write a plugin such like this. I looked a little into scripting but it looks like I would never be able to write a plugin that is deeply integrated like this (or something like ZSceneManager)


Zscripting is mostly limited within the confines of automating tasks but more possibilities open through the use of dlls in conjunction . If you are new to writing dlls for use within zscipting I recommend checking out this thread


resources are quite scarce and an api / sdk has not yet been made public to my knowledge so round about ways through dll function calls will allow for mesh manipulation

Thank you for your reply!

That gives me an important hint although some parts still seems a little cryptic to me. But I think I get the general idea, with the combination of zscripts, and sending memory blocks from the script into the DLL and receiving a different memory block back.

Btw your plugin sounds like a really good idea, I think Softimage GATOR did the same but that one is not around anymore :confused: