Usrula - Real Time Character

Hello Zbrush Central,

My first time posting here actually.
Ursula haunted my childhood dreams for quite some time back in the day.
I’ve decided to give her more realistic (scarier?) look, so she can now haunt my grown up person’s dreams instead:)
Jokes aside, I’m really glad i finished her, so I’m looking forward to hear what you guys think of her:)



Welcome! You’re starting off with a real winner!

Excellent work on volume and proportions as well as textures (stretch marks…) :clap: Welcome to ZBrushCentral!

Thanks man, apreciate it!

Thank you for the kind words, as well as for the welcome:)

Terrific first post! Recognized her immediately! Welcome to ZBC.

Thank you:)

Welcome to the community @Vladislav!! This is an awesome piece, well done!! :mermaid:

Many thanks @KyleJ39:)

Very faithful to the original character, great work!

That’s a really nice compliment @ZMichael :slight_smile: Thank You

Nice; Very nice, I also recognized that evil character instantly. :+1:

Oh WOW! The pore work and stretch marks on her are fantastic! Well done.

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Thanks Doug!:slight_smile:

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Thank you, I’m especially glad that those details are noticable:)

This is great!

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