Useful tool to copy and paste geometry between ZBrush and other 3D editors

OD_CopyPasteExternal is an open source tool that enables seamless copying and pasting between multiple 3D tools, including Blender, MoI 3D and ZBrush.

This is a great and very useful tool for quick creation of models in a different 3D tool (MoI 3D in my case), and easily transferring the result to ZBrush after installing the included ZScript. :+1:

:point_right: Activate ZBrush Preferences ➔ Import Export ➔ Import Mat As Groups to transfer Obj materials to Polygroups.


I tried this a while ago couldn’t get it to work with maya or modo, it seems that development has stopped too bad it looks amazing. Have you tested on any other apps?

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That’s a pity. I tried it in Blender, MoI 3D and ZBrush, and all works fine. But as you mentioned, I’ve also got the impression that development has ceased or stalled.

Shame, I should’ve mentioned that im on a mac and there may be differences how copy paste works on different the platforms. It may actually work on windows. At least how i understand macs to work you would have to get around sandboxing and system integrity protections on mac, dont quote me but if remember right they isolate each apps memory… Another one rides the bus

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That sucks. I’m planning a return to Mac next year, after a ‘trip’ to a Windows NVIDIA PC.

To be honest I don’t use OD Copy Paste External anymore. It was most useful to switch meshes between MoI 3D and ZBrush, but at the moment I’m not using MoI 3D anymore, and switching between ZBrush and Blender works better using the GoB / GoZ for Blender add-on.

It would’ve been awesome if it worked between all the apps but when it breaks in the middle might as well use existing tools. I gotta get into moi again i just dont want to re-learn it.
Just watched an arnold developer meeting they have no plans to port it to metal i think thats the mind set of the high end 3d community apple is just not into us, small margins i guess, haven’t heard anything about vray either we just lost mari on a mac and no support for nvidia, im gonna build a pc however good the next macs will be i dont trust apple with my income.

Interestingly, my impression of Apple’s support for the 3D community has much improved lately. They’ve recently started funding Blender, and are currently contributing Metal support for Blender’s Cycles renderer.

Next to this, Octane also keeps improving its Metal version. It seems that the 3D DCC developers are regaining faith in Apple, following the powerful Apple Silicon developments.

I switched from iMac to an NVIDIA-based Windows PC in early 2019, when Apple had just announced they would cease support for OpenCL, OpenGL and NVIDIA GPUs.

Hey guys good news for you, i had download the plugin source and recompiled for you.
Note : archive just contain the compiled Zscript, not the full version of the ZBrush plugin.

ZBRUSH_ODCopyPasteExternal.rar (4.0 KB)
Enjoy !

Update :
So here is the full version of the plugin for those are don’t want to clone the file from the github repository.




Thanks Nicolas much appreciated!