Useful small ZScripts and Macros for ZBrush 4R8

This macro will store and restore the Draw Size for different sculpting brushes.

Save the attached macro to the ZBrush 4R8/ZStartup/Macros/Misc folder and Press Macro>Reload All Macros or restart ZBrush. There should then be a new button in the Macro>Macros>Misc sub-palette called “ChooseBrush”

Ideally, assign the ‘B’ hotkey to the button. This is because you need to use the button whenever you want to pick a brush and it replaces the original hotkey. If you really need to use the button without a hotkey then you’ll need to put it on the interface somewhere such as below the color picker on the left. The reason for this is that if the brush popup appears too far from the button then it will simply close before you get to it. Use a hotkey if you possibly can because then the popup appears under the cursor.

Then just use to pick the brush you want. Every time you change brushes the draw size should be restored if you’ve used the brush before during the session.

ChooseBrush.txt (717 Bytes)ChooseBrush.txt (717 Bytes)

Hi Marcus, how are you?

After installing the dynamic off and a few macros, the Z intensity and RGB intensity are stuck together and I can´t set independent valeus anymore. Do you mind checking that out, please?

That’s the way the sliders behave if you aren’t in Edit mode and have one of the 2.5D tools like the SimpleBrush selected.

I’ve not experienced the behaviour in Edit mode, and no one else has reported it. I suggest you remove the plugin and the macros you installed. You could then re-install one by one if you want to find which is causing the problem.

Dynamic brush was driving me nuts. Thanks for the plugin.
Now I can finally have a dynamic free workflow.

Thanks big time!

Thanks for the Dynamic Brush off Plugin. Saved me a lot of trouble.

This plugin will create a curve from a ZSphere chain, allowing greater precision when a curve is needed for adding wires, cables, strings and so on to a model.

Unzip the zip file and open any containing folder created by the unzipping. Copy the CurvesHelper.zsc file to your ZBrush 4R8/ZStartup/ZPlugs64 folder and restart ZBrush. You should now have a new sub-palette called Curves Helper in the Zplugin palette, with two buttons called Copy ZSphere Chain and Create Curve.


  1. Append a ZSphere to the model you wish to add a curve to.
  2. Select the ZSphere in the SubTool list. Scale and move it to a suitable start position.
  3. Add ZSpheres to create a chain of ZSpheres, positioning how you want in relation to the other subtool.
  4. When ready to copy the ZSphere chain press the Copy ZSphere Chain button.
  5. Switch to the subtool that you want to add the curve to and press Create Curve.
  6. With an InsertMesh brush selected, click on the curve.


  • The root ZSphere (the one you start with) must be at one end of the chain.
  • Create a single chain - branches will not work.

Download here: CurvesHelper.zip (3.33 KB)CurvesHelper.zip (3.33 KB)


Thank you marcus_civis!
This will come in handy for sure.


Thank You Very Much!

Do say if I’m missing something obvious here but…I was trying to make something that’d hide all UI elements. I merged the left/right tray toggle scripts into one for that reason. Is there a way to add the TAB functionality, the toggling of floating menu buttons (Pref>Interface>Misc) to this, or am I forced to use two different key presses for this? Anyway, thanks again to all the leet zscripters out there sharing scripts in this thread.

You can use:

[IToggle,Preferences:Interface:Float Menu]

to toggle the float menus (just like TAB).

(If you’ve any more zscripting questions can you post them in the ZScripting Help forum? That’s the best place to get answers. Thanks!)

Ahhh I see Marcus, thanks, that did it! And yes, next time I’ll post in that forum, sorry.

I swear, I’ve been lurking all around here and most of the best pieces of code lines come from your posts. Bless you and your awesomeness man…

Thanks Marcus

This stuff is great - is there a way to store “BackfaceMask” per brush? There are many brushes I’d prefer to have this by default.

Nice little script! I was hoping there was a way to do this in the past. In the future it would be really be amazing to have a curve tool that is something as easy to use as a bezier curve tool! But this is a great tool to have in the mean time!

This script was recommended by Pavlovich on one of his Twitch sessions. Thanks very much.

Thanks ! This will help a great deal!

Many thanks for CurveHelper, Marcus, a very useful addition to the ZBrush tool arsenal. :+1:

Is there any way to transfer Dynamic Off/On All Brushes and Save All plugin to Zbrush 2018?

You don’t need to. ZBrush 2018 has the option to turn Dynamic off or on for all brushes.

Curves Helper does an outstanding job. I’ve been using it for a while just fine, but with something I’m workin’on, I have an issue and just can’t figure out why. I created a rather simple hierarchy of zspheres but when I click on “Copy ZSphere Chain”, it tells me : “Root ZSphere is not at end of chain. Operation cancelled”. I get the message but don’t really understand what I did wrong to end up there :frowning:

I uploaded the ZTL here if someone could please have a look ? Thanks in advance :wink:


Edit : After some testing, it seems that if I create my first (root) zsphere and begin to create a chain from it, all goes fine. But if I click again on this root zsphere to continue the chain from the other side, then I have this error. Meaning one has to get ONLY one zsphere attached to the root one. Which in some cases is not really convenient. It could be nice if there was an option somewhere to define which zsphere has to be considered as the root one.