Useful small ZScripts and Macros for ZBrush 4R7

This thread is intended as repository for useful small zscripts, plugins and macros for ZBrush 4R7 and earlier versions. Note that some zscripts may not work with the 64 bit version of 4R7! The thread is a continuation of the earlier thread here.

Sometimes there’s a simple zscript solution to a problem or need that may not warrant a major plugin but will none-the-less be useful to users. If you have written such a zscript, plugin or macro please share it here so that users can easily find it and benefit. Thanks!


Split Masked

Pixols To 3D

Toggle Trays

New Document on Startup

Max Detail for UV map

Change Default Material

Hotkeyable Focal Shift & Z Intensity + increment sliders

Macro on-screen keyboard

Proportional Subdivision

LightCap Light On/Off toggle

Editing a Macro to work with All SubTools

Nudge (slider values)

Boolean Subtract

Change Preview Material 4R7

Space Saver

MatCap Toggle

E Tools also see update HERE

Set Pivot All SubTools

Seamless Textures

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This is a very simple macro but may be useful for those who are using InsertMesh brushes and want to make them into separate subtools. It’s a one-click solution to splitting the just-inserted mesh while the main mesh is still masked.

Copy the file to your ZBrush 4R4/ZStartup/Macros/Misc folder and then press Macro>Reload All Macros. There will then be a new SplitMasked button in the Macro>Misc subpalette.

Download here:

This plugin will convert a 2.5D canvas into a 3D by displacing a plane. This means that BPR renders can be used and additional detail can be added through subdividing or using HD Geometry. It’s a very quick way of starting off an environment.

For some great images produced using this plugin see Francesco Mai’s thread here.

  1. Unzip the zip file to your Desktop then copy the PixolsTo3D.zsc file and the PixolsTo3Ddata folder to your ZStartup/ZPlugs folder.
  2. Restart ZBrush. There should be a new menu in the Texture palette called ‘Pixols > 3D’.
  3. Press the ‘Convert Pixols to 3D’ button to convert the canvas pixols to a 3D plane.
  4. Turn on the Materials option to embed materials in the texture map.
  5. The Scale UVs function can be used with any polymesh to reduce the UVs slightly within the 0-1 UV space. This can be useful to avoid wrapping of points that are on the UV boundary, causing texture issues. (The plugin uses this option automatically.)


  • It works best if there is no ‘gradient background’ showing, in other words, the canvas is all pixols. The simplest way to work is to fill the layer (Ctrl+F) before painting any pixols.
  • The canvas will be cleared during operation, so save the document first! (There is a warning about this.)
  • The color/materials are limited by the canvas size (the texture that is create is the same size). It is likely that you will see some jagged edges.
  • Larger document sizes will produce better results but the plane will be divided more times (up to what your system can handle) so be careful!
  • This works simply by displacing a plane from the pixol depth data - there are no undercuts!

Download here for ZBrush 4R6:

ZBrush 4R7 version 

1. Unzip the file to your Desktop.
2. Open any folder created by the unzipping and find the PixolsTo3D_4R7.ZSC file and PixolsTo3Ddata_4R7 folder.
3. Copy the PixolsTo3D_4R7.ZSC file and PixolsTo3Ddata_4R7 folder to the ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\ZPlugs folder. This installs the plugin for 32 bit ZBrush.
4. Also copy the PixolsTo3D_4R7.ZSC file and PixolsTo3Ddata_4R7 folder to the ZBrush 4R7\ZStartup\ZPlugs64 folder. This installs the plugin for 64bit ZBrush.

Download here for ZBrush 4R7 Win & Mac OSX:

Thank you so much for this script my dear Marcus…I am sure that many skilled old school Zbrushers will show
us another side of the infinite capability of Zbrush…
Of course everyone is invited to suggest new things or to improve the script!

Long life to the Pixol!

I love you both!

Awesome work. Just tried it out.


marcus_civis the Pixols To 3D is the best plugin for artist sense the PaintStop plugin that Glen and you worked on. This truly is a great addition to Zrush. Pixologic should include this plugin in all future releases.:+1:

I have tried this plugin with alphas and ztools and works great:)

See attached images.

I have only one question and that is is there a way to control the depth of the bas relief the plugin creates.










This plugin is amazing. Thank you Marcus, well done. :+1:

Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

You can adjust the depth if you want like this:

  1. After the plugin has finished, undo once (Ctrl+Z) to remove the displacement.
  2. In the Tool>Displacement Map menu, turn on Mode.
  3. Adjust the Tool>Displacement Map>Intensity slider to get the effect you want. (It’s probably a good idea to note down the setting before adjusting as only a small adjustment will be necessary.)
  4. Press Tool>Displacement Map>ApplyDispMap.

Note that as the plane has several millions of polygons ZBrush may take some seconds to adjust the displacement.


A long time coming…Way overdue, and… Fantastic…Thanks Guys :+1:small_orange_diamond:)…Let The Good Times Roll…:smiley:


If anyone has trouble polypainting or changing materials on these objects, all you need to do is got into the Texture Map pallet under Tools and hit the Texture OFF button.
It took me awhile to realize what was happening.

hello this sounds very interesting, I installed the plugin and its saying my that I need to update the plugin because my zbrush is 4.42 anyone else get this error?

It sounds as though you need to update your version of ZBrush 4R4 to P2. See here for instructions:

I have been able to make some really nice pieces 0f work with your plugin, all I can say is A great big Thank You !.. Deke

I agree – this should be a button somewhere in the document palette in the next release

Marcus - Pixols to 3D is a fun plugin:)

Is there a way to add to the plugin the following (or would it have to be a separate plugin)

First you load a texture then the plugin does the following
Crop and Fill Document from texture
then it
Creates Alpha from Texture
then it
runs the Pixols to 3D
then it
Fills the Pixols to 3D plane3d with the alpha from the texture (maybe a pause here with note to set the z intensity)
end of script

Hi SpaceMan,

Apologies for the delay and I’m glad you like the plugin. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be practical to add what you suggest. But you can use the plugin as it is to easily do what you want:

  1. Select texture and do Texture>CropAndFill.
  2. Run the plugin.
  3. Select original texture in Texture palette and press Texture>Make Alpha.
  4. In the Tool>Displacement Map menu, click the displacement thumbnail and select the new alpha from the pop-up.
  5. Turn on Tool>Displacement Map>Mode. This will allow you to preview the displacement.
  6. Adjust the Tool>Displacement Map>Intensity slider to get the effect you want.
  7. Press Tool>Displacement Map>Apply DispMap to create the geometry.

You may find that a blank texture map applied to the plane makes the displacement easier to see but note that there must be a texture map displayed on the plane for the displacement to work.


Thanks for clearing that up Marcus, I was trying to make a script following Spacemans instructions but got stuck on the last step.

I did get some results however and they were LARGE.
And sort of interesting…

The full image is squashed like crazy it was 3000x1500.



Thanks Marcus for the workflow:)

Here’s a test image