Unreal Engine 3.0 Training videos

So the unreal engine 3 finally came out with an editor. So my focus is now like a ninja with a laser ripping it apart and learning it top to bottom.
The engine supports many of the best features I have ever seen, and very easy to navigate the editor. (total 3d nerd friendly)
So far visual programming is my favorite;)
Unreal tournament 3 is coming out this month also but Gears of War has a nicer enemy / Monster AI scripting so I’m hoping gears will be a better port for zbrush monsters.

But anywho if your interested in a break in the floating head stuff join the series. Of course I will be dragging Maya / Zbrush / Photoshop into the training as well as the series progresses.
Series link






Hey Jason,
Can you make your own executables with the unreal editor, or is it just for mods.

you can with the “publish” button i’m pretty sure. (just started using the UE3 editor myself)

Thanks for sharing!
Really useful tutorials.
Do you have anything more in-depth?

Also see customs training courses