Unload Tool?

Does anyone know a way to ‘unload a tool’ to save memory? Let’s say I have more than one tool loaded and I want to subdivide it further but I can’t because the other tools are taking up a lot memory. Is this possible at the moment?


I am wondering the same. I dont think there is though. Just save the tool your working with (and any others that need saving) and restart zbrush and only load the ztool you want.

You don’t have to restart. Press the Initialize button in the Preferences menu and ZBrush will clear the Tool palette, document and so on. Alphas and Textures (IIRC) are not cleared. You’ll have to reload the tool you’re working on.

Good to know marcus, thanks.

Just remember to save anything you’re working on first! :wink:

There’s a “Del All” button in the Subtool Menu that will clear the entire tool from your project. You can choose all the tools you need to dump one at a time and use that to delete them.

if the author has the notification enabled, he will be happy to receive an answer ten years after he has posted this message :slight_smile:

Yeah, I needed that answer and Googled it, and this thread popped up. I was surprised that it was only a few days old, so I answered it, after learning how to do it from another source.

Then I noticed it was from '07, not '17. :o