Undo History does not persist past 2 history items on all Tools

This is a problem that occurs somewhat frequently on my laptop but not on my workstation.


Basically what happens is after a while, zBrush Undo history resets without giving heads up to only 2 items, while the limit is normally set to 400. I am not able to recreate this issue as much as I like however so I can’t point to the exact cause.

I could not pinpoint the reason behind it. But I have eliminated the reasons why it couldn’t be:

  • Max Undo history under “Preferences” is not affected by this

  • Storage Space is not an issue.

  • RAM/Memory is not the issue.

  • Undo history is never loaded from the ZPRs nor are they saved into the project, as they take more space, I just load all my projects fresh as preference.

  • This happens on every subtool in the project, restarting zBrush doesn’t fix this issue, you have to do a systemwide reset for it to happen.

My only assumption remaining is that maybe ZBrush gets corrupted when the laptop goes to sleep and that’s why a whole systemwide restart is necessary to get the Undo History to work properly?

Hi @cloganart!

Sorry you’re having some trouble! If I accept all your assurances about what the problem isn’t, then I would tend to suspect an issue with your installation or hardware environment. Without a repeatable issue there may be a limit to what we can do, but we can certainly examine your installation and look for potential problems.

Please visit Pixologic Support, and start a Conversation there.

Take Care! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for your reply!

Will continue over there. Thanks :slight_smile: