Hey ZZZ’ers, heres my latest personal work I did after being inspired by Kris Costa’s HD geo posts, I dont do that many regular humans in my own time so thought i was about due, of course I had to stylize him a bit though lol. had a lot of fun on this and always ment to finish a scene for him, as you can see by the last couple WIP snaps, although in the end it just paused for a few weeks so I just had to call it a day and move on, maybe one day I’ll complete…maybe even his shoes lol, hope you like anyways!

rendered in Maya, Arnold, Cloth in Marvelous, textures and sculpt zbrush HD geo.


Really nice Johnny, great job on the shirt folds to :wink:


Thanks Jamie mate!

oh man ,tha’s amazing .i like it.

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Thank you Amin!

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Wow nice work.

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Uooowww… Nice man! Congrats!

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Cheers Piter and Prabhat! Glad you like him

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