Unable to read virtual memory file

Hey guys,

I’ve made a lot of characters and creatures in ZBrush and I don’t know if I made a really bad mistake. I saved all of my scenes as .ZPR and mostly none as a .ZTL. At some point I saved all my files to my external hard disk and deleted the “originals” on my computer. Now if I want to reopen the files I got the message “unable to read virtual memory file” and “locked main mem-list out object: please email us at …” etc. Does anyone knows how to fix this? Some of my project need a lot of time till they open and others don’t even.

Thanks in advance

Try this

Preferences > Undo History > Skip Loading. If your .ZPR files saved the history in the file it can create MASSIVE file sizes. Turning this option off will not load history and may help with file loading.

Other than that you could try freeing up some ram on your computer before running zbrush.