Um guys? What have you done?

How do…
How do I do anything?
This is chaos guys, seriously why did you do this?
Can we get the old forum back please? Preferably the version from before you removed things like Multi-quote and quote and made it an odious task to upload pictures?

Thanks, I think…
Mealea Ying

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Have you read

The new ZBC is actually MUCH easier to upload images. It’s also much easier to interact with others. This includes being able to quote someone, but also things like being able to @MealeaYing to (for example) let someone know about a topic.

Any time there’s change, it takes getting used to. But I think you’ll find that the new system is a lot nicer.

The old system was becoming highly unstable. VBulletin just wasn’t designed for the amount of data that ZBC had accumulated over the years.

Hi Aurick!
I just got this… I barely remember sending you anything about ZBC…
Anyhow, since I cant really use ZBC I figure you are the person to ask this:
Where do I upgrade ZBrush and Keyshot?
The thing that pops up in ZBrush sends me to an advertisement for buying stuff, but not anything like simply updating.
Can you do me a favor and reply, if you want to, to my email rather than here? That would help a lot I think.



Hi Mealea! It’s been a while. Hope you’re well.

Upgrades are now handled through the My Licenses page. You can download the latest upgrades from there. I don’t use Keyshot, so I can’t attest to that, but I imagine it will be handled the same way.

Like Aurick mentioned above, if you want someone to be notified that you wish for them to see what you just posted, you would use the @ symbol. As soon as you type the symbol you will get a list of users in this topic to select from. So to notify Aurick, you would just use @aurick.

As Aurick also mentioned, quoting someone and posting images is a lot easier. If you want to quote someone. Just highlight the text and you will get a button that say’s “Quote”. For example…

If you want to add an image, you just drag and drop it into this editor window from your Widows folder on your computer.

Hope this helps! :smile:

Hi Zber! Hi Aurick!
The new features are great (I assume) for people who can get the site to load and who have good bandwidth, I can’t and don’t, mostly it just sits there loading hundreds of images that I can’t see.
Thanks for linking that page Zber, I would have never found it on my own.
I actually thought when I posted this it was a privet message, I was on my laptop and am now on my tablet which looks totally different and now I see I need to edit that post to get my email out of it so the spam bots don’t find it and punish me for being stupid.

Cheers, and thanks you guys!