Ultra HQ Terrain, Rock Sculpt Seamless Zbrush brushes & Alphas

Hi there!
Happy New 2021 Year for all sculptors and digital artists!

I’ve released

Ultra HQ Terrain / Rock Sculpt Seamless Zbrush brushes + Alphas (Blender, Substance, Mudbox, etc.) for an environment (terrain, rocks, etc.). Hope you guys like it!!

Available here:

Gumroad - https://gum.co/DRFTerrainsculpt

Artstation - https://bit.ly/2XsQiue

Check out my Instagram and the Artstation for all WIP, upcoming concepts, models, brushes, etc.



  • 50 stamp Zbrush alpha brushes

  • 50 curved Zbrush alpha brushes.

  • 50 Alpha maps Jpeg 4096x4096 8 bit

  • 50 Alpha maps PSD 4096x4096 16 bit

  • 50 Alpha maps TIFF 4096x4096 16 bit

  • 5 Bonus Rocks 3d meshes in OBJ format

  • 1 Bonus Zbrush IMM brush with 5 rocks

  • 50 preview images of all 100 Zbrush brushes and alphas

  • Bonus rocks preview images

You can use these brushes, alpha/height maps for sculpting an environment for a game level or for your art. Maybe you want to make a vehicle concept so it’s a good way to make a presentation of the vehicle in the terrain, especially if it’s an off-road vehicle, military vehicle, or futuristic space mission expedition rover. You can sculpt a plate in which you will place a character that you are working on, etc.

Thank everyone for your attention! Take care!

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veryyyyy nice work…hopping on over to purchase now

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3,6Gb of beautiful rocks surfaces :smiley:
Very, very good content man - thank You and I hope for more assets like this - 5$ only and Your stuff saves me a lot of hours…
one more time - thanks :+1:

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Thanks a lot for your support, purchase, and for that kind of words!!!
I really appreciate this! It means a lot to me!
I worked hard day by day and I did my best to make them.
I hope you will have fun and find them very useful.
I slept a little bit, wake up several minutes ago and I am working on another surface pack right now. I am going to make several of them.
But I cannot work quite fast because I have a slow laptop. My dream and goal are to buy a PC in the future. And your support helps me to move closer to my dream! My goal is to make alphas, brushes, tools, tutorials, and spend all my time day by day on this. I will release more useful alphas, brushes, tools, and animation videos with my vehicle concepts.

If you appreciate the time I spent on creating this product and the work that I have done, you can pay a fair price which you choose if this product interests you. If you don’t want to miss anything follow me on Artstation - https://www.artstation.com/designfacility
and Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drf.tools/
Thank you very, very much again! :pray: