UFC Fighter

Hi guys, here’s a sculpt of a UFC fighter I recently did. The main aim of this was to practice my anatomy and sculpting of form, but I also added a very basic polypaint and rendered it straight from Zbrush.

I hope you like and any C&C are welcome.




GSP! Love it!

wow… this is great!

going to be interesting to follow your works in the future.

You were my favorite model for this challenge, congrat man. You deserved more votes imo.

I dont know much about UFC/MMA but he looks like he has a really good mass to him, he feels heavy like a lot of those guys look to me.

Waw reeally great…
The legs look massive, but maybe that the way he really is…

Wow thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind comments.

Julien3d: thanks dude, the competition had a lot of great talent and it was awesome to be apart of it.

Sebcesoir: GSP does have quite big legs, but yeh now I look at it in hindsight they might be a little too big.

royalwin: you got it! i’m glad its at least a little recognisable :smiley:

Looks good.