UDIM Importer - unofficial - Information, Installation

Hello all!

Here’s a plugin I’ve been working on that’ll allow you to import multiple UDIM based displacement maps into ZBrush 4R8.


Demo video here

The idea behind this is to hopefully make ZBrush a little more production friendly, as you can often find the need to import baked out displacement back into your sculpt/ztool and previously, doing this was a bit of a struggle.

UDIM Importer v1.01 for Zbrush 4R8

Extract the contents of the zip to:
\Pixologic\ZBrush 4R8\ZStartup\ZPlugs64</i>

How to use:
Map naming must be: *UDIM.EXT.
So as long as your maps end in a UDIM sequence (1001, 1002, 1003, etc) then you’re good to go.
IE: map.1001.exr or map_1001.exr.

Incoming maps must have a mid point of 0.5 also.


-Set your map resolution using the slider in “Map Settings”.
-Set your preferred “Intensity” using the slider in “Displacement Settings”.
-Hit “Import Displacement”, then select your maps.

You should then see ZBrush ticking through and applying maps.
The UI may freeze, but it’ll come back once complete.

Currently this is for windows only. I’m hoping this will change in the near future.

Why displacement only? Applying the displacement works slightly differently to converting a texture to polypaint, and the method I’m using doesn’t work for polypaint. I haven’t found a way to successfully automate this in a predictable way. I’ll keep looking into it though.

Undo count changes:
This plugin will momentarily reduce your “Max Undo Count” to 2, then restore it back to it’s original value. This option can be switched off in the “General Settings” palette.

Reason: when creating this, I discovered a strange memory/cache issue(?) with ZBrush when you have your “Max Undo Count” set high. (Default is maxed at 10000).

I found that with a “Max Undo Count” of anything above 2 Zbrush quickly ate up memory when you cycle up/down sub divisions levels. However if I lowered the"Max Undo Count" to 2. The memory stayed stable, assuming simply because it can only store 2 states of undo. A little more info about this: here.

Any bugs, issues, requests, please feel free to email/message me. Thanks!

hey Jake, nice plugin, i don’t have the need of it right now, but it always a nice contribution :slight_smile:
just a question, to clarify this point. Does it works only with vector displacement and EXR file format ?
this is what i think when i see the plugin interface, so i guess the answer is yes,just want to be sure.


Great script! Thank you!

Can someone from Pixologic maybe help him making the texture import work?