Tyranodilus Porosus - TREX Sculpt

Project done in my free time over the past few months, have been trying to streamline some new pipeline implementations in my push towards more and more hi fidelity detail on my creatures. Drawing a lot of inspiration from Antoine Verney-Carron, do take a look at his work much of it is quite breathtaking.


So good! sculpt, textures and render are really nice. Awesome work @EA_Baker :clap:

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the skin is great

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looks great, would love to see the whole body.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing!! :t_rex:

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So lifelike! Great work

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thanks so much!

thanks, will share more in the future

thank you, perhaps some day haha

thank you, spent quite a while with the shader to get right

thank you Jaime!

thank you :grinning:

How come the zbrush forums feature a much greater volume of much better quality artwork and renders, than blenderartists.org?

I’m a newb to 3D software generally, but I find - flicking through both forums galleries - that the works here have a much higher incidence of a-grade human recreations that’re spot on for accuracy, where blender’s creations seem - just lower quality.

I’m sure it’s not the talent of the people creating the designs at blendernation being less: so I guess it’s gotta be that zbrush is just more capable software.

That’s not to say there’s not amazing artwork over there, it’s just there’s less REALLY awe-inspiring stuff seems to come out blender than zbrush.

well I think something that is important to keep in mind is that much of the work on the zbrush forums is not put together entirely inside of zbrush and often multiple programs are involved in the final output. for example, my piece was started in zbrush however I’ve also used software such as Substance painter, Photoshop, Marmoset toolbag etc.

secondly, I’m quite sure that the blender forums are more well advertised to beginning 3D artists, and as blender is a free piece of software it makes the suite much more accessible to newer 3D artists. so it might be the case that the majority of 3d artists posting and asking questions are simply newer to the artform then the artists on the zbrush forums who have already gone through the blender phase.

at the end of the day, both tools are tremendously well developed and offer many of the same tools. I myself still use blender all the time for personal work as it is intuitive and very fun to use. so its not that zbrush is more capable, it just has a higher population of more experienced 3D artists where as blender has a higher population of new 3D artists.

hope this helps to answer your question