tyrael vs Illidan

Hello guys …

i did this piece for the blizzard contest - heroes of teh storm. at Deviantart.

i used :
zbrush and maya for modeling
keyshot for render
photoshop for comp.

i hope you like it .







models are awesome and their individual render is great to.
But i think the final composition is not that good, illidan is almost fadding and it seems to me they are not in the same scene…

I agree about the the final comp and I also agree about the models being awesome :slight_smile:

only 2 replies? whats wrong with this world?

the models are f****** awesome!! Terrific job!! how did u model the torn clothes? they are very impressive

Thanks a lot … So … i thing that work is not in the quality enough … but i´m studing so much to improve my techinics and workflow …

and Thank you so much for words…

big hug

Ricardo mariano


I saw your work I liked lot, really really great art.
I have same interest like you, recently I started character modeling, so I would like to know your workflow,

  1. are you sculpt in a pose or in T pose.
  2. retopology for every character than pose

I have little confusion between if you have time,would you assist me.