Tweak - WIP Character

Hi Guys

Here is what I’m working on at the moment.

Tweak is a tough little girl who has grown up fast in a a world going through some hard zombie/alien/demon/austerity times. Its all still WIP so there are a few clipping wires, displacement scale errors etc… but I’d love some feedback.

These are just quick Zbrush BPR renders of what I have so far but the plan is to decide where and how to render her, potentially VRay, and then bake this to game res and get her into engine.

Feedback and comments are more than welcome.










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Like a lot overal design and feeling of a child. Kids are always tricky to do. But you did stellar one. Super!
Hope to see her in colors soon!

Phenomenal work! Did you sculpt all those folds or you used Marvelous Designer? Anyhow very impressive, your final piece should be top row

Yes, I was wondering about the folds as well, 'cause that jacket is fantastic! And such details! Top notch stuff.


The folds are looking awsome!
I wondering as well, how you did those.

Really nice material definition. Love it.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the comments.

I did use Marvelous designer for the major forms on the coat, as you cant argue with results, with finer forms, crimping and wrinkles in Zbrush. It was tricky to get forms general enough to hopefully work with animation but I hope I have a good compromise.

nimlot: thanks
TripleD: cheers
sattstudio: cheers
nagoluv:much appreciated
Razaur: thanks you
AndreyBogomolov: thanks mate.

exellent work !

Proper good! Loving the detailing in her clothing - fantastic work!

Looks amazing!

incredibly well done! thankyou for sharing :smiley: at first I thought it was just a shoulders up model, then I kept scrolling down and was like YES YES! :smiley:

the attention to detail is inspiring. great work. cant wait to see how this turns out.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


fantastic work and great attention to detail for sure.
the jacket sleeves might have a bit too many folds and the overall of the jacket feels too thin. at least, as of how i se it.
might just be personal prefs.

keep up the fantastic work. looking forward for more.


Damn fine work! Great detail. Give us more.

Excellent work here Andy! A fantastic design, beautifully realised. I honestly cant find fault and as you know me, that’s saying something :wink:

Can’t wait to see her finished. TOP ROW for sure!

pretty amazing

sets the workflow

An incredibly powerful character design! And as others already said the coat is just… wow.
Just a suggestion: it’s probably a cliche, but I would give her some sort of little and very messed up toy that she carries around as a talisman and as a memory of the times when she didn’t have to grow up that fast, like a headless teddy bear or something, probably sitting just near that zombie(?) hand…

And straight to the top row! Well done. You deserve it.