Tutorials from this forum in PDF anyone??

I accidently :wink: told Lemonnado that I could convert web pages of this forum (any web page for that matter --obviously) into PDFs since I happen to possess AdobeAcrobatProfessional v7 and well he kind of … begged me to post them… :laughing: Nha!! did not. But he did ask me to do so and it gave me an :bulb:. Here it is.

If it is ok with the administrators and moderators of this site I’m willing to post my PDFs in this thread AND… those (you) who will submit a conversion.
Here is what I’m asking from you when you submit a PDF.
:small_blue_diamond:Give me the link of the thread you want me to convert so I wont have to search by lets say a mere title.
:red_circle: Do NOT send me any money… I’ll be happy to help in this way.
:large_orange_diamond:Feel free to post some yourself :smiley:

I’ll be waiting confirmation from at least a moderator before starting to post any.


Hi! I also have the capability to make any page a pdf file. I have a problem with doing that on ZB here… It squishes the pages and the words overwrite on the part where the name & etc goes… still readable but makes it harder. Is there a setting that you can set to overcome the background problem?

I would appreciate any help in that area. Thanks and I hope they think you’re idea is good because it does help me.

hahaha I have a whole list of links that would be of general most asked questions kind of help that I would love to see a pdf of…providing ya got permission. I think it’s a fantastic idea…could only help the forum IMHO but I think it would need to be done right…with indexing and search etc.

I would email support for permission…posting here might not garner an answer as Aurick is one dude and there are tons of posts everyday.

I hope all works out well for this endeavor…it’s a great idea!!

…that Pixo has created a goodies who permit to see the tuts of the Forum directly inside Zbrush :slight_smile:
Here the thread
But the Button seems don’t yet exist :rolleyes:
Am I right ?

yes, Pilou, you are correct. However, when they upgraded the site, we lost this. I was sorry as I still have all those downloaded files, but I think I lost the browser to use them. If it is still here, I can’t find it.:frowning:

P.S. Just tried it and you can play the old ones by using the txt or zsc file in each folder. hmmmm nice to see these again… LOL. But I still say having a pdf file is better. You can even print them. Gotta go check into this.


My conversion settings are the Acrobat’s default one.

All I can say is that I have AdobeAcrobatPro version 7 and that while I use FireFox to brows the net, I transfer (copi/paste) the link into explorer and simply click on the ConvertToPdf Icon and the programe does the rest.

It makes an exact copie of the web page (including background, images links etc. as if i was still in explorer so printing that copy would probably not be a good idea since it would print the colored background. (I dont intend to print them.)
If someone knows how to tweek the setting so the background wont be copied, I’ll glad to do so for those who’d like to print them.

In some cases it tells me that it cannot incorporate certain tags or what ever but i dont care since i dont need it. (they are usually signature stuff)

I’ve been using the scrapbook addon for a couple of months now. Very fast, easy to use and keeps all the links and images intact. It permits returning to the original link. You can also grab selected parts of the original page.

Additional powerful feature: Your entire local collection of scrapbooked pages is searchable.

Heres the link: FireFox’s Scrapbook plugin

Sven :smiley:

It’s done: scrapbook plugin is now part of my extensions for firefox (by the way the Snagit plugin is also quite usefull—you need to own snagit though)

As for why I do PDF conversion is because when I download a program or a plugin or a Zscript or what ever…I like to have info in the same folder where I’ve put the said ‘‘what ever’’ so I’ll have usefull info on how to install it or how it works, what it. (I dont know if some of you are like me but there was a time when I looked at a downloaded file and wondered "$%$&$&% the hell is it?? NO MORE
So there that’s how it all began :smiley:

Hi Z,

One further note: I like your idea to put a reference .pdf in the same sub-directory with your downloaded app. Thank you.

Alternatively, you could drag and drop a shortcut linking to the local ScrapBook page, into the same subdirectory as your app. One click launches Firefox and displays the local ScrapBook page.

So, if you want to, you could bypass making the .pdf all together. :slight_smile: I think I’ll start doing that myself!


What could be seen as a good apple can happen to be rotten inside.–Trust me
PS: Dont get me wrong, your scapbook method isnt bad, on the contrary but quite frankly I would’nt trust it for those thread I realy realy dont want to lose. Here is why.
An actual example that happend to me: I’m a big fan of D&D role playing game and quite active (use to be anyway) in the D&D forums. I had a ton of copied links to all sorts of thread. (hombrew setting Darksun settings Official world threads etc.) Well beleive it or not I lost at least 75% of the threads because the web master or who ever is responsible for such a decision made a clean-up of all the forums. Hence the broken links.
They did warn us of their action but I had so many and at the time didn’t possess Acrobat…well you can guess the rest.
This is why I prefer to literally ‘‘suck’’ the web page on my hard disck in PDF format and be sure 100% I’ll have them always. It’s also quite practical when you burn the said folders and you can then show them to some friends even if they dont have an internet connection or even worse a Dial-up connection :evil: (sorry for those who have one)

By the way… glad you found my folder idea practical. I sure do.

Hi Z,

ScrapBook actually grabs and downloads the entire page - HTML and images to YOUR LOCAL HARD DRIVE in the ScrapBook directory, each page is given its own folder. It’s like your own private Google page cache. After you scrapbook something, it’s yours forever and can be accessed off line. :smiley:

The shortcut I suggested above would link to the page on YOUR LOCAL HARD DRIVE.

Of course a .PDF is a much neater way to pass your captured info to friends. :+1:

Anyway, whatever works, that’s what we use… right?


Cool, I thought Scrapbook was some kind of link manager with some interesting tweeks (unknowned to me for now) but it comes out to be a better plugin then I thought. Maybe I’ll use both. :smiley:


Thanks for the link Sven, I remember ya posted it before but couldn’t remember the name of it and didn’t run into that plugin meandering thru their site.

by the way…I am totally addicted to their StumbleOn extension…spam magnet for sure but am too far gone to care anymore.:smiley:

Well I wish you the best of luck ZewbiBrusher!

I’ve made a couple of 300 page ZBrush PDf’s from this forum and the previous forum before the ZBC. I’ll tell you now, it’s a full-on job!!

Unfortunatly just about all the information in them is well and truely out of date these days so they are no longer availiable. Some careful hunting around on the net might uncover them?

Some tips I can offer is that you must respect the original poster’s work and quote them 100%, and do not mess around with their art work, unless you are resizing it for page-layout purposes. You also have to test every claim on ZBrush to make sure the tutorial actually works!
In some threads there are several different ways to do the same thing, which can lead to confusion, and head-aches. Then make sure you have written permission from every poster. (this was the easy bit!)

You must also make it clear that the ZBrush Central web forum is your source of information, and have the web address and logo clearly thoughout the PDF.
Any threads you compile from here must be clearly referanced to the number of the tread.

Also with an upcoming ZBrush version on the distant horizon, it is best to make sure that you “future-proof” your PDF with relevant topics that you “guess” won’t become outdated too quickly. Have you downloaded the seek-peek movies from the Pixologic web site?

All that said, if you accomplish these hurdles, you deserve to send the PDF off to print, and make the first commercial ZBrush book! I know somebody else did that a couple of years ago for the Combustion Software web warriors

I’m working on a online ZBrush resources page which I quickly compiled last weekend. You’ll have to join my ZBrushers email list to get access to it first! :slight_smile:

Again, best of luck!
Upham :slight_smile:

Actually I just re-read your first post a bit clearer.

If you plan on just converting a ZBrush Central web page to PDF and publish it here (or print), I’m afraid that’s breaking the copyright rules. You’d have to get written permission from Pixologic for replicating their webpage layout, icons, etc. If you copy and paste the content into a page layout program, you’ll just need to get permission from the tutorial maker to replicate their ideas and work, and also give kudos to Pixologic somewhere on the page.

The trick is not to make the page full of rambling replies (good stuff :+1:, I Love it :+1:, etc) but only include the relevant stuff. Make them clear and easy to read with pictures!

Upham :slight_smile: :+1:

Just to let you know I’m still atempting to post PDFs.

I’m waiting for an e-mail reply from Mathew from Pixologic and if it’s ok, I’ll post the PDFs here. (He replyed once but I think we missunderstood each other. --He thought I wanted to post pages from ZBC elswhere.)

I’ll be glad to help if I can!!


I’m trying Scrapbook extension for firefox, and I like it. But one thing i wish I could do is automatically append links to captured pages. What I meaning is like in Acrobat Pro, I can capture a page, and in that pdf file, I can select links to append to the document. However, with this extension. All i can do is capture every page to a topic to it’s own backedup page. If I’m reading page one of this captured topic and click on the link to go to page to, It would have to connect to the net, being that I haven’t manually gone through, changing the links to target the other captured pages to this topic. Idunno… this extension doesn’t seem all that special anymore…lol

Hi Oz,

Like I said, whatever works, that’s what we use. But check this…

With ScrapBook open, press the Tools dropdown… and check the box that says “Show ‘capture detail’ dialog when capturing by drag-and-drop into Sidebar”.

Then, after you restart Firefox, each time you drag a page to be saved, you’ll see a dialog box that lets you configure exactly what you’ll save, along with the selected page…

One of the options is: “Capture all Linked Pages sequentially”. Although this maybe MORE than you want on your local drive, it does give you a way to downloadn copies of ALL of the links to a single ScrapBook subdirectory. I guess you could just delete the captured pages you don’t want.

ScrapBook is still a work in progress and the site where you download the extension has a very long interesting wishlist! :smiley:


i m realy waiting for ur pdf s ZewbiBrusher vbmenu_register(“postmenu_220025”, true); and i think mathew will understood that and u can write in the first of ur pdf s that where are these tuterials from
anyway its a good idea ,reading pdf s is easier and more useful

tnks !
I am quite anxious to acquire this DVD.