Tutorial on merging two objects

I admit very new to Zbrush.

Have been viewing a lot of tutorials but still baffled by one thing that should be much easier and more intuitive.

Merging two (or more) objects as one. I other programs I often use for 3D modeling I can select the pieces, click a button and voila! I have one single item as a result.

Why should it be so hard to do this in Zbrush? :wink:

Can someone point me to a specific video on how to combine multiple objects into a single object that can then be exported?

Is there perhaps a plugin available that just does this? I have accomplished this so far only be exporting individual .obj files, loading them into Hexagon where I can just select both and click WELD and done.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I haven’t found any tutorial on merging two objects. Sorry to say here.

it’s quite simple.

in subtools menu go to “merge” then two subtools will go into one.