Turtle creature WIP

Ficek WIP

I’ve been working on this guy for about a week now, thought I would post it now, and get some advice on the texturing, bumping process. I’ve already got my pallete figured out, so I just need to finalize the sculpt and start painting the microdetails.

He’s called Ficek, he is for a short I’m working on. He’s kind of a Chamberlain (Dark Crystal) or Gollum type of character, your archetypal backstabber.

His head is roughly based on a turtle calle the Nile Softshell, I’ll post my reference along with the concept art later.


dude now that looks great! ive got a picture of one of these in my reff folder so i know it looks pretty much like that! sweet work! great detailing on the plastron and body!
You really get the feeling he is one with the shell rather than two seperate peices.


He looks good. Great details you have achieved :+1:
Keep going, he’s going to look cool when he is finished.

yeah looks awesome

Subnormal , pretty name. Great turtle. :slight_smile:

Sweeet! Love the nose, folds, shell, really nice! Long reign the turtle for 3d models! So many over the years, and so many variations, it’s wonderful. :wink:

Yup Testudines come in all shapes and sizes got to love em.

Here is my reference, it may be more of a caricature, from what I’ve seen of these guys on the web, but I prefer this take on the little guy. Really thought his facial features lent themselves very naturally to anthropomorphization (I think I spelled that right)


from “The Encyclopedia of Animals, a complete visual guide” from UC Berkeley press.

daniel_c - Hey, really glad you responded, very encouraging, and educational. Hope your move goes well.

Mr. Monster - glad you like him, definitely feel good about the start and can’t wait to start painting him. Looking forward to your next work also.

pixelsoul - thanks dude, lots of updates to come:p

arlem - thanks, the name goes with his snake-like persona, has kind of a hissing sound like if you were to say it with a lisp (fithek). These traits will become more visible with the eyes and the posing.

Jason - Thanks man:D, your comments are always specific, I really appreciate that. Testudines (thanks daniel_c) certainly are a diverse sect of the reptile community, a wealth of creature ideas. Also easy to hide seems around the shell!!!

He reminds me of a character out of Yellow Submarine. I’m not sure if this is appropiate but I would make his nose into a gun. Sure snot snout.

nice work, i like the details, cant wait for the color to go on.

A turtles spine isn’t meant for walking on two legs, and also the shell wouldn’t allow him to bend so if his weight shifted hed just fall forward or backward. So I’m not sure how your gunna pose it, but it might look abit interesting.

womball - Kind of a stretch, but you may have something there. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Yellow Submarine, but I’m reminded of the boxing character in the deep sea scene. I think he smokes a cigar and it blows up…wierdness. I like alot of the music of te 60s, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t live through them.:lol:

threetails - thanks, the color won’t come for another few days, I’ve gotta finish the cleaning up the sculpt and then add some bump maps. I’ll post the finished sculpt in a few hours.

Shmisaac - yeah you could probably say that, but you could also say turtles don’t have opposable thumbs, close set eyes, kneecaps, etc. The point is he is a mixture of man and animal, a character. He is also derived from a non - terrestrial turtle so his shell is somewhat soft, it will take some careful weighting, but his shell will be flexible in certain places. Did I mention, this narrative doesn’t take place on Earth?

Been away for a few days, here’s the update on the model, still a bit of cleaning up to do before moving onto painting alpha maps.


Well here he is all slimy and smirky, thought I’d give that GI thing a shot. Can’t quite max out photons or subdiv approxamation, so some of those folds had to go. Let me know what you think.




Looking really great Dan! Is that a Finger Snapping Turtle? 8)
It would tear me apart to see that guy dancing to hip hop music making gang signs… This character has a lot of potential!

Lemo - you’re not the first to make that observation:lol:, I’m going for cunning, plotting kind of a pose, kind of like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons when he twiddles his fingers together and says “exellent”… But there seems to be a hint of “urban” appeal going on, as if he’s about to “throw down” as the kids say or break dance or something. Don’t worry it’s not what I was going for.

That´s a really cool guy you got there!:sunglasses: :+1:
Never thought i´d see one without the shell on,usually they´re
very shy,you must have been very lucky.:wink: :laughing:

Was looking through some of my earlier renders and found this disp/bump test before I rigged him up, thought I would share it, some of the folds around the neck were a little more pronounced before I posed him.
-there have also been some sculpt changes since this render mostly to the feet.

-jmeyer - thanks! At first I thought about making it possible for him to retract his head into his shell, but I decided to go for the humanoid/ninja turtle look instead.


This looks good!
:large_orange_diamond: The Feet look teally good.
:large_orange_diamond: nice Texture
:large_orange_diamond: Ha! it would be cool to see an animation of the head retracting.:stuck_out_tongue:

:red_circle: the upper body proportions seem a little to big.

Sadicus, thanks dude, as for the proportions I was planning on animating him swimming and I want his arms to be much longer than his legs, like a sea turtles fins. This also adds to his akward personality. This older render also has a focal length of 50 whereas the renders at the end of page one (the finished ones) have a focal length of 130 which affects the proportions.