Turntable Contest


How would you like to be part of the Turntable Gallery?

That’s right! Pixologic will be holding an open invitation to all ZBrush artists.

15 lucky artists will be chosen and featured onto the Turntable Gallery.

Starting October 12, 2009 till November 13, 2009
we will be welcoming submissions for the gallery.

If you would like to be a part of this, send your best work to library@pixologic.com.
Subject Line Turntable Contest

For more information and to leave comments view the Pixologic Blog

Realy nice, mite just do this, but one question, where is the last comp for doing the training tutorial, Im shure it was posted here last night?

will we be able to submit more than one turntable for consideration?

I would say this is right up my street as I have just done the tooth fairy one and discovered some new ideas :smiley:

Cool. I’ve always wanted to have something in the turntable gallery. Good luck all :smiley:

Good question, since he said “your best work” and not “best works”. Must we take it litterally???

Hey guys,

Just to clarify, that yes, you can send in more than one piece. I (she) will make that necessary changes.


does the model should be textured

Not all the technics turntable are scratchable. Coz some model are automatic.