Trying to get a model with 3 diffuse texture maps into ZB from Blender

I imported a Sketch fab Photogrammetry scan directly into Blender with the Blender Sketch Fab add on. I really want the model in Zbrush but there was no OBJ or FBX file of it available so I thought I would go through Blender.

I was able to bring it in to Blender , and the textures looked fine, I tried to export from Blender as OBJ and FBX and then importing it into Zbrush I did not get any texture.

So I thought i would export the texture map image directly from Blender and then Import it directly to Zbrush, but I found that there are three diffuse texture maps (the ones with the detailed coloring) . So I thought there might be three groups of the model that each map might corelate to, the model is made up of 13 groups, but I can not find any correlation between the groups an the maps.

With my limited knowledge of this I am at a loss as to how to get this model and its texture into Zbrush, here is a link to the model on Sketch Fab , would love any advice on how to solve this. Thanks