truubluu's Sketchbook W's.I.P


Figure I’d go ahead and start a sketchbook, thanks for looking.:smiley:

The Bat by Bills.
Here’s a sculpt I did in my free time last week. Concept came from my friend Michael Bills . I was really trying to focus on not going to detailed, and stay within the style that the original concept shows which is that of a more toon stylized look. Any and all C & C’s are helpful and welcomed, now it’s onto transpose master:)



I’m diggin’ it man, You definitely captured the vibe of Bill’s concept, it almost has that Bruce Timm feel,can’t wait to see some more posts!!


Hey TruuBluu, first, thanks a million for commenting at my posts, I highly appreciated that. But here is the thing, when I came here to YOUR post, it did not surprise me that you would like what I am doing cause, I really enjoyed viewing all your work you have posted here at ZBC. But let me tell ya, this last piece you sculpted and poly painted (Batman), turned out extremely cool! Your Venom is twisted (in a very cool way-;)). Man, gonna keep an eye on ya. Till the next one, keep on ZBing-:smiley:



Thanks a bunch Voivode & Dragon for the comments. Here’s a slight update on the Batman, still gotta do the cape. Been working a lot with fibers lately just trying to get myself accustomed to the whole interface. I figured I go back and retouch up some older models and give them a lil more love before finally moving on,lol. Here’s my Jack Nicholson Joker caricature redone with some Zbrush fibers . Pixologic has really upped their game, such a fantastic program they have in Zbrush.
jack_comp copy.jpg
C&C’s always welcomed and appreciated :smiley:


nice model, and sweet fibermesh!


very well done Joker! the caricature is fantastic.


The Bat by Michale Bills slight update…Yep, still need to do the cape . lol


Looking great.


I like Bills designs… Its cool to see this concept tackled.


Hey TruuBluu, just wanted to drop by and give ya some support. That Batman is ‘tight’ (as my oldest son would say-:D) Seriously, very cool sculpting on your part and kudos to the concept artist.


willehrendreich, Dragon, selahpoetic, InkySpot thanks very much for your words of encouragement.:smiley:
Here’s another Creature Box creation ( ), all done in Zbrush. Thanks for viewing, and of course C&C’s are most welcomed .


looking great! love those creature box guys


Great job Dude!! I 'm big fan of The creature box 's de designs!


[FONT=Verdana]Thanks Milano… Now get back to work! Congrats on the release too ;’) Kudos Fresh, your power ranger looks super sweet! Here is a model of Stephen King’s Cujo that I was doing for the Halloween challenge, but obviously I didn’t finish it in time. All was done in Zbrush. BIG thanks to Soulrebel ( http://www.zbrushcentral.<wbr>com/zbc-user-gallery.php?uid=<wbr>28392 ) and Michael Bills ( ) for their support and help.:+1:
cujo03 (2).jpg
Play our games ;’ )


Here’s a lil something I’ve been working on in my spare time. Alway’s wanted to do a Juggernaut sculpture, and I love the Ultimate Juggernaut version. I found this excellent toon version of Juggy on deviant art via hyperjack08 ( ) . Love the toon version, but wanted to incorporate the Ultimate’s versions threads. So this is what I came up with, hope you like. Now I need to pose him :slight_smile:


Started this new model in my spare time from work. X-Men’s Archangel with some twist. I wanted the physical body look of the more care-free Angel from the earlier years, but still incorporate some ques of his later transformation of Archangel. More to come, thanks for looking & as always C&C’s are always welcomed and appreciated. :slight_smile:


Damn he looks really put together. looks great


Thanks gunmen! Here’s a slight update, still need to finish the arms and feet. C&C’s are very welcomed and appreciated. Thanks


Hey TruuBluu, haven’t hollered at ya in some time. I am very much liking the look of this one, and the face is simple and cool looking. Very clean through out. Keep going.:+1:


Thanks Dragon, good to hear from ya hombre :slight_smile: Started on the wings. Still trying to figure out the outfit:bulb: & finishing up some more details.