TrueMakaR`s ZBay

Hi all!
For more than half a year I have been intensively studying Zbrush in my free time and finally I decided to create a thread on ZbrushCentral. I will post my work here and really hope for suggestions and criticism of the community :o:sunglasses:

So, here we go!

This bust was made as a warm-up of organic sculpting, but the process turned out to be a rather interesting design that reminded me of a mix of Battloads and End of Evangelions angels.




Thank you for watching!

Finally i finished the highpoly model of this guy!
Soon I will be working on the low-poly model and texturing.

Cause I invented the design right in 3D it took a lot of time. Many parts were remodelled completely several times :cry:.

However, I am very pleased with the result :sunglasses:

Rip n Tear!

Color concept in done in Photoshop

Well, Id Software declared the Year of DOOM! So I’ve created a couple of fan-art DOOM posters based on the original DOOM 3 poster, while waiting QuakeCon 2019.

Hope the release date will not be too far T_T

Are you waiting for the DOOM becomes eternal?