Troll WIP

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the forum and a big fan of all the artwork posted on here. I’m really looking for some feedback on a model of a troll I’m making. It’s going to be used in a VFX sequence myself and a group of my friends are working on and should be really cool when its all put together. Because of the action going on in the sequence I want the troll to appear to be quite athletic and strong so I have been using reference of Chimps, gorillas and in particular proboscis monkeys (which is where I got the big nose from) in addition to the usual fantasy roots. At the moment I’m looking for any and all feedback on the design, anatomy and sculpting of the model before I take it up a few subdivisions and really start adding in some fine details. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:






Feet look a lot like hands. Other than that looks fine to me. Also don’t be affraid to change larger details when you have tertiary details done, thats what subdivisions are for! Also I recommend you keep tertiary details on separate layers, makes changing them around a lot easier. Keep it up :+1:

Thanks for the reply Senka. I’ve never really used layers in z-brush before, so will definitely try that. With the feet I was trying to go for monkey paws, which are similar to hands because of the placement of the thumb/big-toe part, but they probably need more work before they are convincing. Cheers.

Hey man, looking cool :cool:.

I see what Senka says about the hand feet but I think that could work with the fact that it’s ape like and possibly uses them more than a man would. My main comment about them is the connection to the leg. I think it would work better (and look less like an attached hand) if the foot got thicker (height wise) as it reaches the leg, then you could slant it down to the side with the little toe like a foot usually does. Also, at the sides, the main body of the foot feels like there***8217;s a break between it and the heel, maybe smoothing into it would make it feel less detached ***8211; but only on the outside, I kinda like it on the big toe. Then I think the foot will feel more like part of the leg. Hope that makes sense.

Also the slit in the leg doesn***8217;t feel like muscle definition on the quadriceps (apart from in front view), just a slit, maybe you could follow the muscle around a bit more or add a bit of definition to the rear on the hamstrings? I would also work on the knees. They feel a bit uniform. My knee looks a bit more interesting; maybe get some more reference for this area.

Also I think the tail could be improved. At the moment it doesn***8217;t feel so much like an extension of the spine as it comes out almost 90 degrees to it. If you could ease it into the spine a little bit more I think it would work better. Also you could do a bit more work on defining the genitalia… haha, that last one is a joke. :smiley:

Looking good though man, the nose, hands and mouth have some nice touches. I do however think you could do something more interesting for the ears… ?