Troll (God of War)

Fanart work
Troll from God of War
Concept by Stephen Oakley



You’ve definitely done Mr Oakley’s concept proud. It’s wonderfully sculpted and true to the source. Love it! And I get why you chose it. His work is irresistible.

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Thanks a lot!
I tried very hard :relaxed:

Great sculpt Elina, well done

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Thank you! :blush:


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Thanks :wink:

Great sculpt Elina! good sense of skin weight and skin folds.

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Thank you, Jaime!)

Great sculpt ,Nice detail flow

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Amazing Sculpt! really like this.

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Really amazing sculpt!! , amazing attention to detail and I love the expression on the trolls face…brought back good memories of playing GOW

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Thanks to all!:blush:

Love this!

This is amazing work! I just want to keep looking at it :smiley:

Words escape me except WOW