Troll Bridge

:b4: Updated Image 10-6 :b4:

like the idea , but most of all , the perspective , if I try a scene like that , it always turns out to be too flat. :+1: :+1:

Hi Kaz, Great concept, play on words, execution, etc. 50.

:slight_smile: very fine! remind me an illustratyion of the brothers hildebrandt, in their tolkien years ! and fine lighting too… amitiés M.

Thats a scary image…i like the mysteriousness of it…as though something is COMING…

I really like this man, way to go :+1: The perspective is right on, the distance rendering and subject matter are cool as well. One thing I would like to see though, to improve the scene that is, would be to texture the tree. The wood MAT just seems too fake compared to the realism of the rest of the scene. Other than that, great image.

Nice to see your work here again Signor Kaz! :wink:
That perspective IS really cool, and the terrain is beautifully done…Although I have to agree about the tree texture, that atmosphere also blows me away… :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:
So…How’d ya do the perspective? By eye, or using the perspective settings in ZBrush…?

Kazissimo ! :cool:

Thank you all for the kind replys.

I have to agree about the tree. When I first started out, I was careful with my layers so that I could easily make changes. Somewhere along the way I gave up on that, so makeing chages to the tree is now difficult. But not impossible. I will post an update. Thanks.

SC: I used ZBrush Prespective. It’s a little funky, but I like it. Here is a Script on the basic bridge blockout. After I set that, everything else was placed around it. Really, I did not intend to finish it, rather it was an experiment on the Rock Bridge (That’s why it was done at 640x480). But after all the work on the bridge, I decided to make something of it.

Thanks again for the comments.


Yep, that texture works for me, Kaz-Meister! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:
This went from ‘Cool’ to ‘Classic’ with the modification!! :sunglasses:

(I’m skeptical since I can’t buy into anything less than two-point perspective, but given your results here, I’ll have to check out the script now!.. :smiley: )

i_ think one thing very strong in kaz work here is the use of the light, and the perspective which result: the strong difference between foreground and background induce a feeeling of range (distance?) very obvious… in landscapes, ther is not pers, in a classic acception (well, the bridge is an artefact, so pers, of course) , everything is on atmospheric “perspective”… foggy, for example… amitiés M.

Cool texture Kaz. Kinda looks like a giant deer antler too :slight_smile:

Brothers Hildebrandt Official ! evoked by Marcel :wink: above :cool:
Some Tolkien’s Images :slight_smile:
Mixed images !
Have happy surfing!

very cool, sah :slight_smile:

it would make a great book llustration :+1:

(reminds me a little of N. C. Wyeth)

hey Kaz!
great work… guess u have a hugde fantasy mind ))

dramatic moment wonderfully captured - and a masterpiece of landscape art! kudos, Kaz!

  • juandel

Nice work :+1: :+1: :+1:


i love the idea, makes me think of more… :slight_smile: