This is my very first project inspired by a troll in the game God of War 4. My attempt (and perhaps my long-term struggle in technical process) is to create the fierce monster living in the dark and deep terrain under the ruin of an ancient city. Hope you’ll like it. Feel free to explore the project breakdown at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GamA0B


For a first project, it’s impressive. I love all the details, it’s almost like this creature is ready to jump out of the screen.


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This is really cool! The pose and detail really bring this to life! So much to look at, I love it!

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Nice, went to see your breakdown, really like your mood board for detail inspiration. I have a 75 year old (65 pounds) desert tortoise, recognized right-away some of the details you applied :clap:


Thank you. Glad you like it. Well I’d struggled with many mini-projects so far and then I end up with this one that I’ve put a lot of effort studying unfamiliar technical stuffs.

I appreciate that you went to see my breakdown. Wow you have a tortoise that’s almost 3 times older than me. How cool! I’d love to see him if I could.

Thank youu. Glad you love it.

Love the spittle! Great job on the model turned out really nice!


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Impressive introduction @Jummai, welcome to the community!

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Hard to see its size from these pics but here they are turtoise1 Turtoise2 turtoise3 turtoise4

That "thing"is a beast :wink: also, as you may notice, part of his shell (above the head) is missing. I’be been trying to find a home but tortoises are territorial and at times they will fight, so cannot put him in a tortoise sanctuary, got to find someone with a yard that wants a large dinosaur :joy:

Another one (frame from video) where you can see part of his leg/scales


Thank you so much MELISSA. I’m so excited and really glad to be part of and contribute to the community.

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Thank you so much for your comment. I’m quite proud to present that spittle to make it look natural and violent like a mad beast.

OMG, thank you for these pics! That’s very kind of you to share. I can literally see how bulky the shell is. At first I thought its face looks hilarious and then felt sorry that the part of the shell above his head is missing. Idk if it was an accident but man this dinosaur’s gone through a lot than you and me. How awesome. But anyway it looks like a mad grandpa lumbering around. Hopefully someone with a bigger yard would adopt it. Long live the tortoise!! :grin:

Really great work​:+1::+1:

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Great design ad details! Love the big forearms.

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Looks great :fist: :heart_eyes:

Every organic part of the character was sculpted in Zbrush, including the shape, the posture and the skin details. Texturing was done in Substance Painter, lighting and rendering were done i

n Maya.