Tribute to Velazquez

I think I might be finished with it. Certain things you only realize after renders are done, so I will maybe get back to it in the future.

This is a tribute to my favorite painter, the Spaniard Diego Velazquez. There’s a whole lot of artistic freedom here to reimagine his face. His style was baroque, yet quite impressionistic, meaning, the energy of the strokes and the perception of the light were more important than super fine details (ironic, considering the way I work…).

All references I found of him were either self-portraits or other artists’ interpretations and because of the style, very hard to get a glimpse of the actual facial features. Maybe he was completely different, but that’s not really the point of this exercise. Anatomical things conflicted at times and also age differences played a role.

So yeah, not the best “likeness” you will ever see, but the focus here should be: does it look alive? Does it communicate emotion? Time and place perhaps? If it does at any level, I believe that my goal was reached.

This is the type of work that if you asked 10 portrait artists to do, you would get 10 vastly different results. At the end of the day, each artist has a different voice and perception. Different sensibilities to capture form and emotion. Comparing is often fruitless, because we are all so unique.

Modeled in Maya, sculpted and textured in ZBrush. Rendered in Maya/Arnold. XGen for all hair and fibers.

This was the subject of my last course I taught online last year. It was put on hold since then due to personal issues including depression and other complicated things. I got back to it 3 weeks ago and pushed it to the finish line, so all combined, it took me a month of classes + 3 weeks to conclude, with most of it being done from scratch.

Everything was hand painted (polypaint) and hand sculpted in ZBrush, HD geometry mode, either using ZBrush’s own brushes or custom ones created by me.

I believe I am in a better place mentally now, so stay tuned for an announcement of my upcoming September LIVE class. If you want to learn how I do it and help supporting my family in the process, please go to my school’s website and buy yourself a course :slight_smile: https://www.flyonthewall.studio

Thanks for watching yet another one develop. I never actually know where they are gonna go. The work takes over after some time. Weird.



Here are some ZBrush screenshots showing the sculpt only:



Absolutely gorgeous work Kris! So glad to see you back on track and with a :boom: The amount of detail in mind blowing, you’re really a master!!! considering this is all done by hand, both sculpted and polypainted :facepunch: Thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful work as always!

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Thank you so much, Jaime!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Beautiful and impressive work on so many levels… thanks for sharing & thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star: :star2: :star: :star2:!!!

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Incredible work Kris. I had to look up Velazquez as I couldn’t remember what he looked like. Going from painted portrait to full 3D sculpt is quite impressive.

I hope things are going well for you.

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Hanging while watching the world going mad, but hanging :slight_smile:
Thanks and I hope you are doing well as well!!!


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You are a great example, worthy of honor and always an inspiration to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Stunning work, you got there and pushed hard and now reap the reward, well done, and keep doing more.