Treasure Island Scene/ Chess Set

Hi Everyone!

I created a Treasure Island Chess Set and used a few of the sculpts to render an “alternate ending” from the movie! For the render my emphasis was on trying to make it feel like an N.C. Wyeth painting. His dramatic lighting and wonderful storytelling.

The chess set I 3D printed in resin and painted as a gift for a friend. As a thank you to the Zbrush and overall “maker of things” community I have uploaded the Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins sculpts free of charge here:

FREE PIRATE MODELS HERE >>>>>> https://gumroad.com/l/QvtPV

If you’d like the whole chess set!for 3D printing yourself, you can purchase them here:

Thanks for looking!



Wow! That’s really impressive, beautiful work. I really like the render - I think you’ve caught the N C Wyeth feel perfectly. And thank you for sharing the models, very generous of you. :+1:

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What a perfectly wonderful chess set! :+1:

Thank you so much for saying so! NC Wyeth was truly the man so I’m glad I could be successful in mimicking his style. You’re welcome and let me know if you have any issues with the models! Cheers!

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thank you so much! It was truly a labor of love!

hello thanks for posting this !! such a great amount of work, and wonderful idea making a chess set.

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Thanks for looking! Much appreciated!

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