:slight_smile: Hi! it would be very kindly if some of you, with english native langage, tell me the good words for: “Archeology Museum: a story of human form”… you see, like a poster for a museum exhibition… thank you very much!..

The Museum of Art & Archaeology presents:
A story of the human form,

If you are trying to come up with what might be on a billboard, or something in english you were pretty close with what you had.

What I wrote above would work I guess.

Hi Marcel,


Museum of Archeology and Anthropology: The Evolution and Cultures of Prehistoric Man

or simpler:

Museum of Anthropology: The Ascent of Man

(with a nod to Jacob Bronowski)


:slight_smile: thank you for your help! I don’t know what to choose: you see, the picture show a sort of robot, with human head, seated rather sadly in front of us… the “poster” brhind him is going to have the drawing of human of leonard de vinci, and … well I’m going to post a present state of the picture… more simple… so it’s necessary to understand for the viewer that the text on the postre behind him talk about an “old” form of the human…

“L’Odyssée humaine continue”
“Human Odyssey evolving”

Waow !
Splendide Marcel, j’aime beaucoup cette image.
Est-ce qu’il y a quelque part des step-by-step ou des WIP de tes créations ?

En l’occurence ou z’encore :slight_smile:
Sans oublier
L’orange gallery où se trouvent pas mal de making of :slight_smile:
Pilou fan of marcel

Whichever text you choose…won’t matter so much as the condition of the poster…if it looks old and time worn the view would get the idea…seeing that and then seeing your “new” man.

Merci pour les liens, Frenchy Pilou
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Cool concept :wink:

How about a Science Fiction type “future English”:
" Th Ancient History Muzium Casts "
" ‘Evolushun of th Human Bode’ "

Or if an ancient poster:
" The Ancient History Museum Presents "
" ‘Evolution of the Human Body’ "

C’est magnifique, Marcel!