Transformers: Starscream Sculpture for Xm Studios

Hey guys, just wanted to share a sculpt that i did a couple of months ago for studio. It was such a fun project and i love the work they’ve done on the 3d print, can’t wait to receive Mine :slight_smile:




Jaw-dropping hard surface work. The best StarScream I’ve ever seen. Insanely good work. XM uses some stellar artists for sure.

Wow this is awesome


This is more like they should have looked like in the movies!

Well done!



About damn time!!! One of my favorite zbrush sculpts ever. Every time I see it I discover a tiny new detail I had not seen before. Sincerely wish I could own this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice comments everyone, very happy that you like it :slight_smile:

Absolutely Amazing work!!!

Hey thanks alot! i used you Mah Cut Brush on it by the way :smiley:

Insane!!! this is the Transformer vision MBay never could do…!!

Your work is really fantastic !
Can i ask you how much time you need to produce this awesome robot ?

Thanks guys!

@Sho3d Its pretty hard to say since i worked on it on and off during a coule of months but id say that ive spent around 200h on it.


Amazing how big is the 3d print and how much are they? So awesome.

thanks! I think the print is a bit undre 1 meter high but i dont know how much theyll sell it for.

That’s super cool to know, Thank you. :smiley:

Great looking work. Well done!
I especially like the platform and pose the character has. The detail of all of it is constant. Nice!

This came out great, well done!

thanks alot guys!

Go for the win!!!