Transfer pose from one mesh to another using layers

Hi all, just thought I would post this neat trick for transferring details from one mesh to another using layers.
The issue was that I had saved first after creating zsphere model and once again after posing the model. But I hadnt posed on a separate layer. So I took the early mesh and dumped it on the new mesh…watch and see.

I hope this is of help to you all!


These are the two posed and unposed…

Well that was a helpful video thanks. That spider creeps me out.

Thanks Rick, glad it helps! Its a pretty handy trick. It can be used for all sorts of fun applications.
Also glad the spider freaks you out! Haha

great short tutorial, really helpful I just needed that! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, this was very helpful:+1:
Keep it going and have fun sculpting!

  • Kenny:)

Thats good to hear Kenny, Im glad it helped you!

Wow! interesting…thanks for share. :smiley:


Patokali - you are welcome!

Thanks for your comment!

:smiley: Thanks!