Traditional japanese dragon

Everyone today.

I created a traditional japanese dragon. (Original art work)

Japanese traditional dragons are characterized by “big nose and protruding chin”, “eyes in front”, “carp scales”, “bearded”, and “with thunder or haze on the shoulders”.
It’s a little different from the Chinese dragon.

I rendered it in wood carving style.

I hadn’t decided on the style of the scales first, so I wiped out the rough model and created all (thousands of) scales with the Slash2 brush. It was exhausting. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Perhaps next time I’ll make it with Chisel3D brushes.






ZBrush Movie_1


Really nice modeling !

Beautiful dragon! Love it.

great job. Thank you for posting.

Thank you all very much for your comments ! :smiley:
It is very encouraging.

Hey man!!! I just stumbled on this site looking for dragon designs. I gotta tell you that’s impressive I love dragons. Do you sell any of the sculptures you make I want one. Please contact me at my email mreverett711@gmail.com thanks