Toy Story - Friendship Tribute

Friendship Tribute to Tom Hanks and Tim Allen (on and off screen). I enjoyed creating this in Unreal Engine 4 and also Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Camera, VFX and post edit. No Scans were used, all made from scratch. Hope you like it smiley.
More screenshots and video, please check out


I love this. Especially when zoomed in close to see the details. Great work.

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Love this, really nice work!
:cowboy_hat_face: :man_astronaut:

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This is awesome! Nicely done

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@aurick thank you, glad you love it :slight_smile:

@KyleJ39 thank you, glad you love it :slight_smile:

@ZMichael thank you :slight_smile:

Absolutely gorgeous, and so much fun. This really put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing and for all the time you put into such a detailed piece!

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@kcent Thank you so very much. Glad you love it and grateful for your kind words.