TOURBOX for ZBrush?

Hi all! I keep seeing ads pop up for the Tourbox controller. Is anyone here using it for ZBrush? I’d like to give it a try, but don’t want to waste the time if it’s not worth the $180. Thanks!

Hey, I’m using one for Zbrush at the moment, although it’s the first time, it’s kind of a crash test for me. So far I would say it’s better than the keyboard because my hand don’t have to travel the keyboard too much and as I don’t have to much space on my desk, having the principal functions in one place is better.
However there is no base config for Zbrush so you’ll have to set up the macros yourself.
That being said I’m not a specialist in Zbrush, I purchase the tourbox for Photoshop and Substance painter mostly so I only use the basic stuff, if you’re a heavy user and need lot’s and lot’s of macros, you might be limited by the number buttons and combination possible.

Hope this helps

I recently picked one up and am finally getting around to using it. Have you experienced any lag when ALT zooming? There a brief pause after releasing ALT and dragging my stylus to zoom. It’s pretty disruptive to my flow. Updated drivers to no avail.