Total Recall : synthetic

Hey ! my name is Mariano Tazzioli and im 18 years old !
i did this project … this are the robots from total recall ! i did a initial sketch in zbrush then i did the final model in maya and then i rendered it in keyshot! it was very fun to do it and i learned a lot ! this model has the entire body modeled , i’ve modeled a exterior body which is the white and a interior body which is the machinery part!
im doing this robots because im about to enter perhaps into a studio here in barcelona , and the guys who are there that are genius , they worked in films such as transformers , iron man , Ender’s games , Harry potter etc… so if i enter they told me that i will have to do transformers stuff so… thats why

heres my demo reel and portfolio :wink:



total recall_00000.jpg