Total Recall Soldier


I have been working on a character design from the latest Total Recall movie.
I really liked the design of the human soldier so I was motivated to do it.

This is the highpoly but the idea is to make a game model so many surface detail will be added later on with texture.

Let me know what you think please.





Very nice! I like the armor.

Nice! Clean sculpt

Thanks for the comments!!

I did some more work on the highpoly, and created the lowpoly. Here are some updates with the normal map and vertex colours projected to use as masks.



This is the finished model in marmoset. It’s about 15K and 4x4096 Textures (diffuse, normal, specular and glossiness).

I hope you like it!

Nice work

I have uploaded the different buckles I created for the character in case they are useful to someone.



Nice, thanks.

Just out of curiosity, do you create these buckles in Zbrush or some additional program and then import them, like Maya?

Also, great work so far. Love your character :slight_smile:

Hi Cagnazzo,

I created them in max, where I modeled the straps to follow the character as well. Then I imported all the straps and buckles to Zbrush and I polygrouped them to work faster.
After that I used the move topological brush to move the straps around a bit so they fit perfectly the surface of the character.

I hope that helps.