torso study

Followed along with a lesson on Digital Tutors and this is the result. I think the pecs are a bit high and the abs extend a little high up as well. Also the crease in the back where the muscles connect to the spine might be a bit sharp. Feedback is appreciated!


torso views.jpg

Nice try buddy but I think that overall skeletal structure is missing here, meaning muscle origins are off and overall structure not there yet (shoulders are sliding off clavicles, serratus anterior - sausage muscles on the sides of rib cage is floating and back muscles are not there…) I think that DT is not the best source when it comes to learning anatomy (i’ve seen their tutorials). I highly recommend Scott Eaton’s anatomy course and digital sculpture course. This guy teaches it like no one else and it’s a fantastic course overall. Keep going man, it’s an exciting topic! :wink: