Hi there,

I run in a more, or less simple problem.
Trying to advance my modeling skills, I would like to keep topology clean.
Using ZModeler to boxmodel first the basic shape this issue come along.
From two (blue) polygons to one (red) polygon I can´t find a way out,
to get that to a clean solution.

When I dynamic sub that it comes up with a hole:

Close holes operation can´t fix it perfect:

I searched the web for a clean solution, but the solutions which are recomended brings additional holding lines on the sides. 1st I would like to avoid additional holding lines, where I don´t needed, 2nd it would bend around, so that one line apears on the other side, which come with additional trouble.


My I oversee a simple solution, how to set up the topo right, may there is an other solution to go for.

Thanks a lot for help.

Hi @DarkStar ,

This is a result of attempting to create a polygon with greater than 4 points. Ngons cannot exist in ZBrush at any time. Polygons must have either 3 or 4 points, or ZBrush will insert edges to force it into Quads or tris.

In this case the left edge of the blue polygon has been split in two, but the red polygon has not been split. If you has attempted to add a point to the right edge of the red polygon it would have created a 5 point polygon which is not possible in ZBrush. As a result ZBrush would have inserted an edge to split the red polygon into a quad and a tri.

The optimal way to fix this would be to delete the blue polygons, correctly split the red polygon into two quads, then redraw the blue polygons with ZModeler> Edge> Bridge> Edges.


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Yes, your recommendation is what I would usual do.
To make a tri out of it.

But I try to avoid tris at all, to lift my quality in modeling.
Don´t know if I overdo it with that idea.
After researching a bunch of topology tuts, most of modelers use triangles
in spots, of no interest.
May you can give me your exerpertise opinion in this.

In the meanwhile I did another solution for it.
I subdivide the other direction, so I get another edge, to place a quad between.
So I could avoid any tris.

Unfortunatelly the edgeflow issn´t exactly what I was looking for:

The other side of the inside is exactly how it should look like:

The edgeflow runs clean around the geometry:

I didn´t do any supporting edges yet - just a dynamic SubD.
Guess if I apply the edges, it will turn out better.